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Adena IPL

The Adena IPL machine is a revolutionary device that achieves amazing results in permanent dark/white hair removal, pigmentation removal, rejuvenation/collagen production & broken capillaries/rosacea 

Adena A3 Poster (hair removal) (002).jpg
Adena A3 Poster (skin rejuvenation) Fina
back ipl before and after.jpg

Hair removal

This is one of our male clients.  The top photo is before the treatment and the bottom photo is 3 weeks after his initial treatment.  Incredible results

Rejuvenation Facial 

This client is looking for a more youthful appearance, and a treatment to help naturally plump her skin and create more collagen production.  These photos are immediately before & after a rejuvenation treatment using Adena IPL

The treatment instantly plumps and hydrates the skin, and creates a boost in collagen production

For more information, contact us, or book an IPL Consultation using the 'book now' button

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